If you’re a band, a vocalist that wants to show off their skills or just someone who wants to release a song and get the ball rolling, then you’re in the right place.

    Here’s how the process works:
  • We grab a phone call to figure out direction you’d like to take with your song.
  • We talk about genre, mood, energy levels, structure, tuning and find few reference examples that we’d like to achieve a similar sound of.
  • I start writing bone structure of your song and keep you updated at all times as the writing process progresses.
  • Once I get a green light on the structure, I start adding extra elements: lead, clean, shimmer guitars, synths (if necessary), SFX.
  • Once you’re happy with the final version, I provide either raw multitracks that include: midi drums, drum audio tracks, bass midi, bass audio, fully recorded and edited guitars + reamped tone and the rest of sfx or a fully mixed and mastered song that is ready for distribution, depending on your needs.

If this sounds good, have a listen to a few of my writing examples down below.


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